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Saturday, 31 December 2011


Thursday, 22 December 2011


Solar lighting system 
Solar fan with lighting system 
Multi functional wind mill 
Solar powered visitor guided with material handling vehicle 
Wind turbine power generation system 
Solar railway track crack detecting vehicle 
Electrical power generation using speed breaker ((((((((((())))))))))
Solar powered accident prevented for train ((((((((((((()))))))
Solar train 
Solar automated guided vehicle (solar agv) 
Solar intelligent vehicle (car model) 
Cell phone controlled solar vehicle 
Solar irrigation system 
Solar automatic traffic and street light controller 
Solar emergency lighting system with battery charger 
Solar lighting system with auto tracking 
Solar lighting with auto changeover system 
Solar automatic cell phone charger with pay system 
Sms based solar pick and place robot 
Auto charging grinding machine with solar power 
Solar powered remote controlled bomb detecting robot 
Solar powered remote operated weapon system 
Sms controlled solar moving vehicle for industrial application 
Solar electric go bed drive 
Solar car (running model) 
Automatic solar street light controller 
Solar cycle 
Solar air cooler with auto tracking ((((((()))))))))
Solar water heater 
Solar agricultural water pumping system with auto tracking 
Solar air cooler (((()))))))))))
Electricity and water pumping system using wind mill 
Eye Ball Control of Wheel Chair for Physical Handicapped person((((((((()))))))))) 
Electrical power generation using steam power plant 
Solar powered automatic temperature controller with cooling system 
Solar powered fire fighting with visitor guided vehicle 
Solar powered automatic rain operated wiper 
Solar powered automatic head light dim/bright controller 
Wind mill power generation system 
Water turbine power generation system 
Electrical power generation using foot steps ((((((((()))))))))
Solar race car 
Solar powered automatic railway gate controller 
Solar powered path finding robot 
Remote controlled solar car 
Solar ups with auto tracking 
Electrical power generation system using railway track ((((((((()))))))000
Solar electric two wheeler with rechargeable battery 
Solar power generation with auto tracking 
Electrical power generation using thermal power plant (()))))))
Solar agricultural water pumping system 
Solar air conditioner 
Solar remote controlled video analyzing pick and place vehicle 
Solar automated track guided vehicle (solar atgv) 
Battery cycle 
Solar powered voice controlled vehicle 
Solar wheel chair for physically disabled 
Solar powered automatic vehicle accident information system 
Solar powered unaided guided vehicle (solar ugv) 
Pc based solar car 
Hydro power plant (model) ((((((((")))))))))
Intelligent solar emergency light 
Sinewave Generator 
Simple Code Lock 
Stepper Motor Control Using Microcontroller 
Telephone Receiver 
Telephone Number Display 
Temperature Controlled Soldering Station 
Teach-In 2002 Lab Work “ 5 “ Strain Gauge Weighing Machine 
Telephone Call Counter 
Touch Dimmer 
UNIPOLAR 4-Phase Stepper Motor Controller Board 
U.S.B. Connectivity To Micro Controller 
Ultra Bright LED Lamp 
Variable Auxiliary Power Supply 
Wireless Vehicle Path Tracer Using IR & RF 
Who's First (Game) Indicator 
Water Level Controller 
4 Channel Infrared Remote 
0 - 20v Led Voltmeter 
7 Digit Code Lock (6 - 15v) 
4 Digit 7-Segment Multiplex DISPLAY 
Automatic Light Beam Shifting Of Vehicle™s On High Ways ((((((((___________
Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High Ways(Fuel Injection) 
Automatic Light Lamp with Morning Alarm 
Automatic Exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection 
Auto turn off battery charger 
Anti Theft Alarm For Bikes 
Automatic Heat Detector 
Access Control System 
Autonomous Robot 
Altimeter --- To Measure The Altitude 
Air Flow Sensor ((((((())))))))))))))))
Automated Traffic Signal Controller 
Automatic Control For Unmanned Railway Gate. 
Automated Car Parking System 
Automated Vehicle Identification And Toll-Pass System. 
Burglar Alarm System 
Build A Carbon Monoxide SNIFFER 
Build The Breath O-Meter 
Built Your Own Multi-Frequency Digital Signal Generator 
Build A Simple Infrared Illuminator 
Biopic Heartbeat Monitor 
Baby Incubator 
Colour Intensity Measurement (Liquids) (((
Classic Ac 230 V Timer 
Colour Reflectance Measurement (Solids) ())))))))(((((
Co2 & O2 Monitoring In Green House 
Coin Based Toll Gate System. 
Clap Switch 
Condenser Mice Audio Amplifier 
DTMF Telephone Remote Control 
DTMF Development Board 
DTMF Proximity Detector 
Digital Object Counter (5v) 
IRDA (Infra Red Data Communication Protocole Implémentation) 
Industrial Automation Data Acquisition System 
Interfacing Color Sensor With Different Wave Lengths To Microcontroller 
Industrial Protection System Using Light Dependent Resistor 
I2cprotocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application 
Interfacing IBM Key Board To Micro Controller 
Infrared Control For Pc 
Infrared Remote Control Timer 
Infrared Card less Head Phone 
Infrared Auto Switch 
Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller 
Ionizer Mains (230v Ac) 
Knock Alarm 
Light Sensing Robot 
Long Range Fm Transmitter 
Logic Analyzer 
Line Follower Robot 
Leaf Moisture Analyzer 
Light Sensitive Inductive Load Controller 
L293 H-Bridge Dc Motor Controller 
LED Panel Meter 
LED-Based Message Display 
Laser Torch Based voice Transmiter and Reciver 
Long Duration Timer 
Line Telephone Share 
Micro Controller Clock 
Mobile Phone Battery Charger 
Mobile Cell Phone Charger 
Musical Touch Bell 
Micro Controller To Ethernet Interface 
Microcontroller based Scrolling Message Display 
Microcontroller Based Intelligent Glass Break Detector 
Modern House Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Ir Communication 
Particulates Monitoring Using Light Beam Attenuation 
Ph Controller 
Digital Alarm Clock 
Ding-Dong Bell 
Digital Panel Meter (5v) 
Dc Motor Direction Control 
Dual Motor L298 H-Bridge Control 
Depth Of The Medium Based On Attenuated Reflectance 
Depth Of The Medium/Liquid Level By Change In Conductance 
Data Logger 
Dc Motor Control PWM Technique 
Digital Temperature Controller “ Microcontroller Based 
Digital Compass/Navigation 
Designing A Digital Thermometer By Using A Selected Temperature Sensor 
Electronic Eye With Security System 
Electronic security system 
Electronic watchdog 
Electronic Card Lock System 

Saturday, 17 December 2011